and what's that supposed to mean? (re: mental illnesses)


mental illnesses are not free from the surrounding social atmosphere, ideological apparatuses, economical system and the gender dynamics of a society, nor they are free from the ‘ill’ person’s experiences. to act like they are is oppressive to the so-called mentally ill. in short,  to say depression is like a flu is ridiculous. also, psychology is a normative science that relies on the power dynamics and the ethics of the time periods it takes place in - it is not something that is solely based on biology, to accept the proposed thesis of the quote you’d have to act like it is.

starting uni again next week which wil be nice change to perpetual drunken cough syrup haze that my life has been for past 8 weeks. it’ll probably end in me showing up drunk to lectures instead of committing myself to a wholesome life and a rigorous study routine.  i actually truly despise uni and the self worth u invest in it..bachelor of unemployed and broke :::0 kill me kill. uni kill alll the cops  join the alien empire